Bruce Jenner Dressing As Woman From Early Age?


Bruce Jenner has been dressing as a woman from a young age, according to a new report!

While Bruce Jenner has been going through a transition to womanhood, which his mother recently confirmed, it has been revealed today that he has been dressing in women’s clothing from a young age!

According to a source who spoke to Radar Online, Jenner would “play dress up as a kid, just like anyone else. However, as a teenager Bruce would take items from his mom, Esther’s closet. It would be a sweater, or a loose blouse, and was always done behind closed doors.”

Did Jenner have any favorite items to dress in? The source explained that, “His favorite items of clothing were silk and satin lingerie. He has always liked the way it feels on his skin.”

The source continued, detailing that, “For years, Bruce had felt ashamed of it, and that is what drove his athletic success, thinking that would banish the behavior. It just didn’t, and Bruce has broken down in tears over the years, telling close friends and family about the shame he felt as a teenager.”

“He now recognizes that there was nothing wrong with wearing women’s clothes,” the insider wrapped up with, adding that, “Wanting to help other people, and especially teenagers, struggling with gender identity will become a big platform for Bruce.”

Aside from becoming a woman, Jenner was recently involved in a MAJOR car crash this past weekend, which he luckily survived.

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