Bruce Jenner Kris Jenner Marriage Problems Due To Bruce Dressing Up!


Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner had marriage problems due to Bruce dressing in women’s clothing, according to a new report.

Want details?

According to a source who spoke to Radar Online, “Kris had come home from early from a playdate with the kids, and she walked in on Bruce in one of her dresses. She was absolutely stunned, and immediately shamed Bruce, and told him to never let it happen again.”

“Immediately going into denial mode, Bruce really wanted to explain it to his wife, but she wasn’t having it,” the source continued.

The insider explained that, “Kris said if the information was ever made public, they would go broke as a family because back then, Bruce was the sole bread winner for the family. It was a very sad, dark time for Bruce, and it was never forgotten.”

According to the insider, this still affects Bruce today, as they claimed that, “Bruce still has the scars from that horrible time with Kris. There was hardly any information about people suffering from gender identity issues back then. Bruce didn’t know how to explain it other than he liked wearing women’s clothes. And Kris didn’t help the situation.”

The source also explained that Kris hasn’t been supportive today either, stating that her reaction to his transition “was less than enthusiastic or supportive. Her main concern was how Bruce was going to go public with it, and if it could hurt the Kardashian empire. The only thing Kris has ever cared about is the superficial: designer clothes, over-the-top vacations and her public persona.”

“This could have been a great moment for Kris to step up and support the father of their two daughters, Kendall and Kylie,” the insider wrapped with telling Radar, adding that, “Sadly, it’s just not who she is.”

In line with Kris not really supporting Bruce, she recently blasted him with a drunk phone call.

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