Exclusive: Claudia Jordan Looking Forward To Fun Reunion!


Exclusive: Claudia Jordan is looking forward to a fun Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.


Yesterday, we revealed the first part of our exclusive interview with Real Housewife of Atlanta Claudia Jordan. While we heavily focused our questions on NeNe Leakes for that part, as she had viciously gone after Jordan on the show, we made sure to talk about some of Jordan’s other co-stars as well, as well as some other topics related to the show.

We asked Jordan about her friend, Kenya Moore, who we adore but feel has gotten a bad rep on the show. In particular, we told Jordan that we feel that Moore gets constantly attacked on social media, and asked her to clarify what parts of Moore she thinks viewers don’t see on the show.

On the social media front, Jordan stated, “Everyone is a gangster on social media but sweet as pie in person.”

“Anyway,” she continued, “I think this season the audience is getting to see a more relaxed and fun Kenya. It’s got to be so much better for her now that it’s not 5 to one. I couldn’t imagine being on this show with no allies.”

Next, the conversation turned to Kordell Stewart, co-star Porsha Williams’s ex-husband. Viewers were quick to point the finger at Jordan for talking to him, so we asked her to clarify what the status her relationship with Stewart is. Jordan explained that, there is “no romance at all,” adding that her and Stewart’s relationship is “Just platonic– and we’re not even that close.”

She continued discussing Stewart, explaining that she “met him about 17 years ago. He’s been nothing but a gentleman to me. Men and women can be friends with no funny business. And Kordell is an example of that.

We had to follow up the conversation about Stewart by asking about his ex-wife, Williams, who Jordan works with not only on Housewives but also on the radio. While Jordan has feuded with her on the show, we asked what her relationship is currently like with her. “I don’t want to speak on a non-housewife in an interview,” Jordan stated, adding that, “that would be rude.

As far as her relationship with Phaedra Parks, who is friends with both Leakes and Williams, Jordan stated that they are “cordial.”

With such a hot season, we can only imagine that the reunion is going to be chock full of drama. Luckily, Jordan is not fearing it, telling us that she is “looking forward to it.”

She elaborated on the reunion, telling us that, “I think it’s going to be fun. I have no fear when it comes to any of these ladies.”

Jordan wrapped up our conversation with discussing what she loves about the show. She told us, “I love that I’ve made some great new friends that have been beyond supportive. I think America needs to see more positive scenes on television amongst black women so we can start to change the narrative that all we do is fight because we are so much more than that.”

In addition, she added that she is “so flattered that so many people have reached out to tell me they like the realness I have brought to the show and I am humbled by all the love and support I’ve been shown. I love our fans and appreciate them all!”

As much as Jordan appreciates her fans, we appreciate her, not only for this interview, but for the boldness and realness she has brought this season. We definitely look forward to seeing Jordan at the reunion and speaking again with her soon!

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