Exclusive: Who Turned Teresa Giudice In?


After all of her legal problems, a big question remains: Who turned Teresa Giudice in?

While an article ran in Star Magazine last week claiming it was her brother, Joe Gorga‘s, fault, we discussed exclusively how this is not true.

We also promised Monday we’d answer who actually turned her in to the Government, so let’s get into it:

No one directly turned Teresa in,” our source exclusively revealed to us.

Then how did she and her husband end up being monitored by the Government? “They didn’t fill taxes, flashed money on a national TV show and filed for bankruptcy, while showing a flashy lifestyle on national TV,” our source continued, adding that, “They (essentially) did it to themselves.”

Aside from flashing money around, was anyone else involved? Yes!

The insider informed us that, “Danille Staub was the first one to call Teresa out on season two about her bankruptcy and foreclosure.”

In addition, they revealed that, “Another person that (helped) put her away was Joe Masterpole, her business partner. It was definitely NOT Melissa and Joe, though, as much as Teresa may be trying to convince people it was.”

Another source also spoke to us to dish more on things that helped the Giudice’s get caught. “When Teresa would do an appearance with her products, she would always charge a fee,” this insider explained.

Was there anything shady with that? According to the source, “Teresa would ask for $5000 if you wanted to pay her cash for her appearance, or $8000 if you had to give her a check.”

The insider wrapped up with asking us, “Don’t you think that’s shady?”

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