Kris and Bruce Fight- It’s Over His Transformation!

Kris and Bruce Fight- and it’s over his transformation!

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According to a new report in US Weekly, Bruce Jenner and his ex-wife Kris have been at odds over Bruce transitioning to a woman.

A source explained to US Weekly, “Kris is in complete denial about what’s going on. She doesn’t talk about (his transformation) at all and refuses to acknowledge it.”

As we have reported before, Kris is less than happy about a television series Bruce is going to be doing about his transformation.

US Weekly’s source echoed this, revealing that, “The show is very normal in that it’s just about Bruce living his life, and it will also cover his physical transformations. Kris is upset she has no control over it.”

The insider continued elaborating on the show, stating, “Bruce basically told her and the rest of the Kardashians, ‘This is who I am going to be and you can accept it or have nothing to do with me.”

On the series, they also said that, “The production team is letting Bruce take the lead. They do not want Kris Jenner heavily involved. Kris is getting upset by all of this, but Bruce doesn’t care about what anyone is saying.

Is there more to Kris’s issues with Bruce involving his change? Yes, according to the source, who stated, “There was so much denial and major fights. She (Kris) pretended it wasn’t real for years. They split up when she realized she’d tried to change him and there was nothing more she could do.”

The article also detailed that Kris, who refuses to address Bruce with a female name he has chosen, has been completely “shut out” by Bruce and that, when they do talk, it’s “only about business.”

Jenner recently released a statement about a fatal car crash he was the cause of this past weekend. 

Tell us- what do YOU think about Kris and Bruce feuding over his transition? Whose side are you on? Let us know!