Teresa Giudice Jail Visit Details!


Teresa Giudice received her first visit in jail from her family a few weeks ago.

Although one would think this would have been a happy time for her family in the sense that they could see her again, things did not go wonderfully according to a new Life and Style article.

The magazine explained that, during the visit, Giudice’s daughter “Audriana broke down and she cried and wouldn’t let go of Teresa when it was time to leave.

Once she began crying, the magazine detailed that, “Joe got frustrated and walked out. He left Gia to handle her and Gia had to pull Aduriana off her mother’s leg.” This is in line with previous reports that Gia was playing Mom while Teresa was away.

This extremely saddens us, as it shows just how much Giudice’s daughters miss her being around, and how much they need their Mother.

Life and Stlye also explained how a source informed them that, “Teresa claims Gia doesn’t like to visit and doesn’t really want to be there.”

The source wrapped with revealing that, “All the kids hate it which Teresa says makes the visits hard for her.”

We can imagine visiting a parent who is incarcerated would not be ideal or fun, but we do think it’s important for Giduice’s kids to see her and her to see her kids.

Recently, we exclusively revealed who turned Giduice into the feds in regards to her legal troubles.

What do you think about the details of the first visit? Are you surprised? Let us know!