Bruce Jenner’s New Name Revealed!


Bruce Jenner‘s new name has been revealed!

As the entire world is aware, Jenner is preparing to transition to a woman. The news was recently confirmed by his mother, Esther.

Since confirmation of his transition was announced, many have been wondering what Jenner will call himself after his transition is complete.

According to the new issue of Star Magazine, Jenner will allegedly be known as… Belinda!

While we think Belinda is a fine name, many commentators immediately raised their eyebrows at it, as his ex-wife’s name was Linda Thompson. People were quick to discuss how Belinda can be separated into the words BE and LINDA, which makes Jenner’s alleged new name a bit awkward.

Personally, we think that’s reading way too much into it. We are happy if Belinda is the name Jenner will feel comfortable being known by after his transition into womanhood, which will allegedly include a sex change operation.

What do you think about Jenner’s alleged new name? Do you like it? Or, do you agree with critics that it’s an odd choice due to his ex-wife’s name? Let us know in the comments!