Exclusive: Kyle Richards- Brandi Is Hurting My Relationship With Kim

 In this exclusive conversation, Kyle Richards claims Brandi Glanville is hurting her relationship with Kim Richards.


Last week, we spoke exclusively to Kyle Richards about the incidents that went down between her and Brandi Glanville at Eileen Davidson’s poker night. In this second part, below, Richards discusses the state of her relationship with her sister, Kim, and some advice she’d give to Glanville.

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Obviously, after the poker night ended, it did not seem like Richards and her sister were in the best of places. Has time healed the wounds? Richards tells us, “Our relationship- we’re not in a great place to be honest. As sisters, of course we will have those moments and we always come back around. I wish I could say things were better then they are right now, but you know- right now it’s not great. I think that it started that night, absolutely, but Brandi is definitely a big factor (with my issues with Kim), but not the entire problem.  I think it started with Brandi, though.”


We followed up asking Richards if Kim’s dog attacking Richards’s daughter was also a factor in their problems. She explained, “That didn’t help things. A lot of the reports about the dog were false. I certainly did not ask for Kim to give up her dog. I would never ask for any dog to be euthanized. I’m an animal lover. I can understand her hesitation only because she loved the dog so much. I think it was just an emotional situation all around.”

EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Richards- Brandi Is Using My Sister To Mask Her Own Issues

Of course, it seems most of the reason Richards’s relationship with her sister is suffering is due to Glanville, as Richards stated, “Everything Brandi puts out there, she is still continuing to try to hurt my relationship with my sister.”


 With the state of frustration Richards is in with Glanville made us wonder what advice she’d give her if she could. Richards responded, revealing that Glanville should, “Stop the public threatening and going after people. She just needs to be grateful for what she has in her life and quit being so negative. Life is too short to be this angry. Lots of women go through difficult times and don’t behave badly. While I have no interest in a friendship with her, I do wish her and her boys the best.”
Can we expect Glanville to stop, especially in light of her comment on this week’s episode that Richards’s husband, Mauricio, doesn’t want her? Richards doubts it, as she told us, “The next few weeks will definitely have Brandi attacking me on the show and then on social media. That’s just a given with someone like her. You know that if you don’t get along with her, she will go after you. Brandi doesn’t care if she hurts your marriage, your children, your family, your businesses- she doesn’t care. As mean as that comment was, it has no impact on my marriage, as much as Brandi would like it to.”


In addition to talking about Glanville, Richards dished on her repaired relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, telling us that, “Lisa and I started working things out at the beginning of the year when we started filming. It was slowly at first. We were all doing our own things. We weren’t even filming together that much in the beginning. We were already on our way to having fun again. My relationship improving with her has nothing to do with Brandi.”


Richards also dished on the rest of the season, claiming that, “The season from this point on is crazy, crazy, insane. This season- all the fun and all that- there’s fun still and trips and all that, but it is definitely a wild and crazy season from here on out.”

Kyle Richards- Brandi Takes Advantage of Kim

Luckily, Richards has positive things to focus on, such as her “children, husbands, and dogs,” and her store, Kyle by Alene Too in Beverly Hills. On the store, Richards detailed that, “It’s a beautiful store. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a great diversion from the housewives. I drop off my kids at school and then work out and then go to my store when I’m not filming. My girls love it. They think it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done. My daughters ask to work there when they get older.”


Richards wrapped our conversation with telling us about the reunion, which will be filming in the coming months. “I’m trying not to think about (the reunion),” she explained, adding a quick joke that she just hopes “I come out alive.”


It certainly sounds like these next few weeks on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are going to be some crazy ones! We will definitely be watching!


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