Jax Taylor- Tom Is Happier Without Manipulative Kristen

Jax Taylor claims Tom Is Happier Without Manipulative Kristen.

Want details?

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor took to his Bravo blog to give his thoughts on Kristen Doute and he did not hold back.

First, Taylor discussed how he feels for Doute’s current boyfriend, James Kennedy. On last night’s episode, Kennedy is seen in a scene with Doute where he confronts her about texting her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval.

On this, Taylor writes, “This is the first I saw of this. I didn’t know that this had happened. I really feel bad for the guy. He’s a young kid who likes this girl and trying everything in his power to have a relationship with her, when she’s still pining over Tom Sandoval. It’s really sad.”

He continued dishing on Doute, stating, “She’s so manipulative, it’s so clear to see that Kristen is clearly in the wrong here, and she’s making James feel bad for believing Sandoval. It’s crazy how good she is at this.”

Taylor wrapped up with stating that, “It was probably hard for Kristen to watch Tom and Ariana walk down the aisle together, but Kristen has to realize that Tom is just a lot happier without her. You just need to move on.”

Doute has had issues with many of her co-stars this season including Scheana Marie, who recently blasted her in her Bravo blog.

What do you think about what Taylor said? Do you agree or are you on Kristen’s side in this? Let us know in the comments!