Lisa Hochstein Baby News!

Hey, Real Housewives of Miami FansLisa Hochstein has baby news!

Want details?

Fans of the show may remember how badly Hochstein and her husband, Leonard, wanted a baby. They kept trying but were unsuccessful.

Yesterday, Hochstein officially announced that the couple is expecting a baby via a surrogate and that they are already in their second trimester.

Hochstein talked to US Magazine and told them, “It did not feel real, almost unbelievable! Although I was beyond excited and overjoyed, we did not want to get our hopes up too high until we passed the first trimester.”

“We felt that we tried almost every option available to us except surrogacy,” she continued, adding that, “Adoption was a consideration if this didn’t work.”

When is the baby due? Lisa revealed that, while the baby has been given an official due date of August 1st, “The baby might be [born] on my birthday, which is July 24, That would be the best gift in the world!”

Lisa wrapped with saying, “We are thinking he or she should have a name beginning with the letter L so we would all have the same initials. How cute is that?!”