Teresa Giudice Prison Release

Teresa Jail Time Focused On Getting Rich and New Ventures


Teresa Giudice is spending her time in jail allegedly focused on getting rich and new ventures.

Want details?

According to a report in Life and Style Magazine, Giudice has been busy during her prison stint.

She spends her time “sending emails, exercising, reading, and talking on the phone,” a source close to the star told the magazine.

The insider detailed how Giudice is well aware that she is a frequent fixture in the news right now and is making plans to use this to her advantage. Specifically, she has told friends that she plans on being “rich again” and “bounce back bigger than Martha (Stewart).”

On that front, the source explained that Giudice is planning her next moves. 

As we had previously mentioned, one of her projects she’s working on is keeping a diary that she fears the other inmates will try to steal for profit. Her hope is to sell this diary, which allegedly details her day-to-day experiences in prison and her thoughts on Joe and her kids, for upwards of $1,000,000.

In addition to selling her diary, the magazine’s source details that Giudice is also hoping for a spin-off show that would center around “getting used to life after prison” and “being a single Mom.”

Still another project Giudice is mulling over during her time away is to be a motivational speaker. A branding expert spoke to Life and Style and claimed Giudice could make “$5000-20,000 per gig” if she was to speak to “moms and females” about “what she’s learned.”

Overall, the source wrapped with stating that Giudice is “gearing up for her second act” and is focusing on coming out of prison “stronger than she was when she went in.”
Knowing how strong Giudice is, we don’t doubt that for a minute.
Recently, we covered how Giduice’s first prison visit with her family went.
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