Exclusive: Teresa Giudice’s Daughters Worst Role Model!


Teresa Giudice’s Daughters are getting the worst role model in terms of their mother and what she is teaching them about the legal system.

What do we mean?

“Teresa is doing a horrible job with her daughters in terms of teaching them about what a serious thing jail is,” a source exclusively revealed to us.

“She is making it seem to her daughters that jail is no big deal,” the source continued, adding that, “The fact that her oldest daughter, Gia, claimed to press that Teresa wore makeup to their first jail visit? That alone says it all right there.”

What specific lessons is Giudice teaching her daughters?

“She’s giving them the impression that atoning for your sins is easy,” the source explained.

The source was not done, elaborating that, “These are young impressionable girls. Teresa should be teaching them that if you do something wrong you have to pay for it, and that jail is not an easy thing. However, in true Teresa form, she has kept up her strong facade and passed the message along to her daughters that prison is easy and fun.”

“Truly, this is a sad situation,” the source wrapped up with explaining, insisting that, “Hopefully Teresa’s children have other adults in their lives that can teach them about consequences, because Teresa certainly is not.”

We recently discussed Teresa’s first jail visit with her children.

What do you think about what our source told us? Is Giudice doing a bad job setting an example for her children? Let us know in the comments.