Exclusive: Heather McDonald Is All About Sex


Heather McDonald came to gain notoriety from her appearances on Chelsea Lately as a panelist and actor in some of their skits. McDonald also became known for her hysterical books and stand up comedy. Now, she is parlaying her talents into a new arena- a panel show called All About Sex, airing Saturday nights at 11 PM on TLC.

We recently got to speak to McDonald for a three part interview.

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In our first part, we discussed how her new show came about, if she’s embarrassed about her children’s Catholic school knowing about it, and if she could handle sex every day!


When asked how All About Sex came about, McDonald told us, ““When Chelsea Latley ended, I told my agent that I would like to be on a panel talk show. That’s what I really loved doing on Chelsea. I really like giving my opinions on things. I didn’t necessarily seek out an all sex late night one, but that’s what came about.”

She continued, explaining that, “It’s actually the most natural because I can be as edgy as I want to be and really have fun with it. Of course, Maragaret Cho (one of my co-stars) has a way different sexual experience than I do, but just because I have a more conservative background, I don’t have any judgment. I want to hear all about it and learn all about it. I’m curious so it’s just a good chemistry with everyone.”


We informed McDonald that in our watching of the show, we noticed similarities between her humor on Chelsea Lately and her humor here. To that front, McDonald told us, “That’s what I’ve kind of been telling people. This guy said he watched Chelsea Lately for seven years and misses it so much. I told him he really should start watching All About Sex because it’s really the same kind of humor, the same free discussion, the same edgy type topics. It’s not as much pop culture, but we’ll talk about whatever and tie anything in. If you liked Chelsea Lately you’ll definitely like this.”

Sex is such a brazen topic, that we were curious if McDonald ever gets embarrassed discussing it so openly. To this she responded, “I really don’t. There really isn’t one thing about my life or my family or my parents that I feel like I wouldn’t want someone to know. I don’t really care. I’m also really honest with my opinion even though sometimes I know I’ll get a tweet about this or someone will say, ‘You’re stupid. You don’t know the facts.’ I still am like, it’s worth taking, because there’s enough that appreciate it. For the few that find me annoying? Oh well.”

She elaborated more on this, detailing that, “Both my parents passed away- my Dad in March and my Mom in December- so she knew I had this show. She would still love it. There’s nothing I think that I did that she didn’t like. I don’t have to worry about the crazy stuff. I think she still would have found it funny. Old people have the best sense of humor.”
She added that, “It’s like- I think there isn’t anything- I’m not going on there saying ‘Peter and I went to a swinger party and I fucked three guys on Saturday.’ I’m not saying that. I still think they’d be okay with it. My kids go to Catholic school and I don’t even care. I used to care more about what people thought. Now I’m like, whatever. The school isn’t free. How do you expect me to pay for it? We’re talking about sex, who cares? I’m not doing porn. I’m not a webcam girl. It’s still TLC, so it can’t be too dirty.”

When asked how public reaction to the show has been, McDonald reaveled that, “We didn’t even do a pilot, so we tested for it in November where we just went into an office and we hang out and they film it. They didn’t really promote it like they do their other shows. So it took a couple of extra people to even be aware of it. It wasn’t like we had full-page ads in magazines or anything. I think for the cost and everything, I’m happy that people are starting to know about it now.”
What about McDonald’s former boss, Chelsea Handler? On what Handler thinks of the show, McDonald explained, “It’s so hard to get everyone together with everybody’s separate schedule. She did tell my friend, Guy, who works on the show, that it was really funny. I think- she’s happy for everybody, that everybody’s doing other stuff that she is too.”

For fans of McDonald who haven’t seen the show who are curious as to what the format is like, McDonald stated that, “We really answer questions and we have people Skype in and tweet in. We have four opinions, one of which is a licensed sex therapist. It’s really like taking your love or sex problem to your four friends for lunch and kind of getting everybody’s opinion. It is very helpful, yeah.”

We couldn’t resist asking about one particular caller on All About Sex, who claimed she tried having sex with her boyfriend for 30 days straight in a row. On this, McDonald joked that, “That sounds exhausting. I’ve never had that much sex. I don’t know if my coochie could handle it. It probably could. I guess it gets used to it. Good for her.”

McDonald wrapped discussing All About Sex with saying that, “It’s going great. We have so much fun. We all get along great. It’s just very natural and improvisational. I feel like we’re giving good information while making people laugh at the same time. It’s cool. Everyone’s so incredibly honest. There isn’t one thing that someone wouldn’t care about sharing about themselves. That’s what’s really cool about it.”

We adore McDonald and All About Sex.

Make sure to come by tomorrow for our second part of our conversation with McDonald where we discuss Real Housewives and why Chelsea Lately ended.