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NeNe Leakes Grandmother To Hidden Grandchild?

Is NeNe Leakes Grandmother To A Hidden Grandchild?

According to a new report, yes!

Marina Robinson claims that the Real Housewife of Atlanta has another grandchild that she has not acknowledged. What’s more is that Leakes’s son, Bryson, has not been helping out with this child either!

“It’s just a sad situation,” Robinson told Radar Online. She explained that she met Leakes’s son in 2012 and was pregnant in 2013.

Robinson detailed on her doctor’s visits during her pregnancy, stating that, “I would go back and fourth from Mobile, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia in between my doctor appointments, but he wasn’t there for her birth. NeNe didn’t know I was pregnant. He [Bryson] didn’t want me to tell her.”

As fans of the show know, Leakes’s son got into legal troubles when he was charged with a DUI where he totaled his car in June of 2013. “I immediately went down there (to the hospital) and I was six months pregnant, and she knew,” Robinson explained of the incident, adding that, “She was pretty much like ‘you’re not part of the family.’ There was a lot of shade being thrown.”

Bryson has gone on to have two other children with his current girlfriend, who Leakes has accepted and openly embraced. Robinson said this “kills her.”

To prove that Bryson is the Dad, Robinson is more than willing to undergo DNA testing. She detailed that, “NeNe wanted a DNA test, but nothing has been done. I wanted one done, period, so we wouldn’t go through it again. But they keep pushing it back and not pursuing it.”

Aside from Leakes not acknowledging the grandchild, Robinson explained that Bryson is not helping either. She stated, “I’ve told Bryson what she needs multiple times—clothes, a new car seat, diapers, money and he’s not doing it. He said he was going to mail her Christmas gifts and send me money. I’m over it. I’m nowhere near bitter, now it’s just he’s not understanding. You keep saying you want to see her, but you’re not making plans to do it. And won’t even buy her a bus ticket! Obviously, you don’t want her.”

I wouldn’t even care if she actually made her son help, but when it comes to the point here you’re bragging about your grandchild and you have others that you help, there’s one more you’re not helping,” Robinson continued, elaborating that, “It’s unfair. It hurts. And when my daughter gets older and knows what’s going on, it’ll hurt her, too.”

What does Robinson plan on doing due to all of this? She told Radar that, “I plan on going to court for child support. I’m taking bigger measures to get something done. I didn’t want to, but they’re backing me up against a wall. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want anything from them. I’ve tried my hardest.”

She wrapped with stating that, “It hurts me to know they’re doing this to my daughter. I want NeNe to be in Bria’s life. I didn’t grow up with my grandparents and I don’t want that for her.”

Claudia Jordan recently spoke to us exclusively about Leakes, claiming she is mean, defamatory, and desperate. 

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