Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Still Together!

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are still together!

Want details?

Although Stevie TV star Stevie Ryan had exposed text messages from Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’s fiance Nathan Griffith. In the exposed messages, Griffith admitted to walking out on Evans.

A source spoke to Radar Online today and detailed that Griffith and Evans are DEFINITELY still together. 

The insider told Radar that the fight broke out over the explosive engagement trip the couple went on last year that ended up making national headlines. The trip made national headlines due to a video of Evans being leaked by one of their “friends” on their trip that showed her making comments one could deem offensive to the military.

The insider specifically revealed to Radar that, “Jenelle and Nathan were arguing about the St. Thomas drama with his friends. Then it turned into Nathan calling girls to piss Jenelle off.

“Nathan got carried away by being over friendly with random fans online and girls from high school,” the source continued, adding that, “Jenelle saw all those messages before they were even posted online. She saw them about a week ago.”

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What happened when Evans saw the messages? She got understandably upset and decided to take a night away from Griffith. Specifically, the source dished,”Jenelle stayed at her friend’s house with Kai (her son) for the night down the road.”

Details were provided to Radar about how Evans forgave Griffith. “Nathan never cheated on Jenelle,” the source continued, “He just made her mad, that’s all. It’s no biggie.

And what about rumors that Evans got violent with Griffith? Also not true, according to the source, who insisted that, “Jenelle didn’t get violent nor did she hit a wall. Nathan just said that because he was mad.”

How did the two make up? “Nathan apologized to Jenelle,” the source told Radar, insisting again that, “They are definitely not breaking up and never did.

In addition, the insider detailed that, “Nathan just says things when he’s mad at Jenelle, that’s all. And she told him it would best if he just stayed offline, so he deactivated his Twitter for now.

Overall, the source wrapped with stating that, “Jenelle and Nathan are just fine.”

Tell us how you feel about the couple making up in the comments.