Chris Soules Joining Dancing with the Stars?

Recap: Drama Continues as Bachelor Eliminates More Girls

Chris Soules The BachelorI think the biggest takeaway from The Bachelor this week was that you can use your life story as an advantage all you want, but in the end, it will not get you a rose.

In case you missed it, Kelsey had her very first panic attack ever on national television.  Clearly, Chris deciding to skip the rose ceremony was more panic and fear inducing than anything Kelsey has ever experienced – including her husband’s death.

By the time the rose ceremony happens, Chris bids farewell to “Silent Samantha” and Alien-Loving Mackenzie. There was never much camera time with Samantha and I expected her to go home sooner than this week. Mackenzie had a quirky personality with her interest in aliens and a son named Kale (like the vegetable). However, any girl sent home up until this point was more genuine than what everyone saw in the “amazing” love story of Kelsey.

The evil eye of Kelsey comes out when she does not get the one-on-one date. But the devil horns appear even stronger when Whitney, along with the other girls, speak up about Kelsey’s inappropriate laughter and behavior throughout the show. Also, in case you missed it, Kelsey is blessed with eloquence yet speaks English good.

The one-on-one conversation with Becca during her one-on-one date is so strong and open. I truly think that Becca has officially won the sweetheart award of this season. Everything about how Becca acts both with the girls and with Chris is very genuine. I appreciate the way Becca carries herself on the show and it’s very clear she’s going to be around for a while.

On the group date, Britt earns her rose and steals Chris away to a concert with Big & Rich (to you Northerners – Big and Rich are country artists). The group date was more of a pathetic try out for America’s Got Talent with each bachelorette writing and singing a song to Chris. The only true talent was Carly. If Carly is not picked as Chris’ new love, I’m pushing for her to be the next Bachelorette (though I still think Nikki Ferrell should be the next Bachelorette).

Now for the real juicy part of this week, the 2-on-1 date between Kelsey and Ashley I. at Badlands National Park.  The awkward helicopter ride to the date had to be the worst feeling in the world. Between the tension of Ashley I. and Kelsey, I can only imagine how stuck Chris felt between the two. He probably felt more trapped in that moment than at any other time.

So, what happened in the Badlands? Chris and Ashley I. went off together and quickly Ashley I. told Chris that Kelsey is not genuine and is a very different person with the girls than with Chris.  She also divulges that Kelsey is an outlier and does not get along with the remaining girls.  After their alone time, Chris gets some alone time with Kelsey and tells her what Ashley I. said.  Kelsey goes back, and the two verbally duke it out, as Chris told Kelsey it was Ashley I. who gave him the information.  Ashley I. is very upset with Chris, and Chris thinks that he and Ashley won’t do well together so he informs Ashley she won’t be getting a rose.  Then, he tells Kelsey something similar and also says that she won’t be getting a rose.  I hope the girls have large thumbs, because Chris left them in the middle of the national park, taking the helicopter back: just him, the pilot, and the rose he didn’t give out.

Side note:  After watching Ashley on Good Morning America, I can see why she threw Kelsey “under the bus.” It was clear that someone had to really open up and tell Chris the truth. I think Ashley had a gut feeling something would not gel together with her and Chris and she wanted to protect the other girls in the house from the games Kelsey was playing. After sending Ashley home, Kelsey has a smirk on her face that is so wide because she thought she won the rose. You’d think that after being rejected and dumped, a second panic attack might have ensued, but no.  Kelsey took it just fine.

On Sunday, Chris will tell all and then it’s onto the hometown dates with the remaining ladies.

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