Exclusive: Heather McDonald On Chelsea Lately and More!

Heather McDonald sounds off on Chelsea Lately & Real Housewives

We recently chatted with Heather McDonald, star of TLC’s All About Sex about how her show came about, if anyone-including her- is embarrassed by the brash content of her new show, and what the public perception has been of her show.
In this second part, we discussed why Chelsea Lately ended and her thoughts on some of the Real Housewives, including Teresa and Joe Giudice.
We knew that the contract was up in December of 2014,” McDonald began, discussing why the popular Chelsea Lately show ended.
She continued, explaining that, “We were all kind of speculating- is she gonna sign up again, is she not? Is she going to do 2 years or 3 years or none? I was surprised when I was driving to a basketball game and someone tweeted ‘say it isn’t so. The show is ending.’ That’s because her manager announced it on a red carpet in May. That part I was surprised, like, ‘oh, now we know.’ She did not think she had to pull anybody aside, but that’s how we knew. Then, after that, based on some of the stuff she started to say, E! said, ‘Why are we continuing until December? Let’s just end this quicker.’ Instead of going until December, Chelsea’s team and E! decided to end it at the end of August.”

Was McDonald okay with the show ending? “For me, that was fine. It was great. I said to her, ‘thank you for quitting, because if you had continued, I would have never quit and I would have never been more than a panelist,” McDonald claimed, adding that, “With her show, I was never going to be Heather Lately. I was never going to do more than I was doing. Everybody there had great jobs, but there was really no way to expand because everybody was in their position. Sometimes a show ending is good because then people can go get another job and hopefully be promoted. This wasn’t a place to be promoted because no one wanted to leave because it was a happy environment. That’s really what it was.”
McDonald also told us how she felt about the ending of the popular show, stating, “I thought it ended great and I thought it was good. I think whatever she does with her next show- she said she’s getting all new people- and I think she should. It’s not starting for another year. It’s not like everyone can hang around for a year and a half. I’m sure when the time comes if there’s people that are available that she wants, everybody would work for Chelsea again. She was great. I don’t think the Netflix show is going to be Chelsea Lately. It’s going to be something different, but it will be something good, I’m sure.”
The next topic of conversation we delved into was The Real Housewives, which McDonald discussed in her book My Inappropriate Life she is a big fan of. We specifically asked her about two of the wives who are making controversial news right now- Brandi Glanville, from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Teresa Giudicefrom The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Exclusive: Heather McDonald Is All About Sex

On Glanville, McDonald told us, “I did Brandi’s podcast about six months ago and was on the show this past week. I think she came off really great on The Apprentice. I think The Apprentice is a great show for people to go on who are reality stars or stars that have gone away and need to come back. You’re doing it for charity, you show that you’re smart, and I think it’s a good show to do if you’re going to do one. It’s a lot better than Couples Therapy or Marriage Bootcamp or something that’s real. I think she came off well.”


“She’s an interesting character,” she continued, “She’s fun to watch, but I definitely think she’s one of those people that knows the most hurtful thing to say and she just says it. Then she profusely apologizes. You’ve been raised that if you apologize, you’ll be forgiven. But it’s like, you’ve said this horrible thing, that’s now out there, and it’s not like you just said it. It’s out on camera. You know the cameras are rolling. If you’re going to say something really mean it’s going to keep it on the show, but it’s really going to hurt that person’s feelings.”


We also dove into Glanville’s comment about Joanna Krupa’s vagina, which Krupa is currently suing Glanville over. On this, Mcdonald said, “The fact that she’s being sued by Joanna Krupa  for the vagina comment is kind of amazing. That’s kind of an interesting thing because I think people need to kind of watch that. The slanderous kind of stuff that people say on reality shows. After this, depending on what happens with it, people should try to be a little more careful. Of course saying the crazy thing will get them notoriety, but how much trouble is it going to cost them later? I don’t know.”
And what about Giudice and her husband, Joe?

McDonald voiced her opinions, expressing that, “Teresa and Joe are so stupid. Here they were given the gift of bankruptcy, which is God’s gift to rich Americans who can file for bankruptcy and still live a nice life. But she just had to follow the rules. It’s like OJ- OJ got away with murder and then he wanted his stupid trophies back and ended up going to jail. If you got away with murder, wouldn’t you just be a Boy Scout for the rest of your life? You got away with murder! I just feel like they got away, they were in this horrible predicament- so you have to follow the rules.”

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“Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy,” she continued, “You can survive and still live a rich life. They were just so dumb about it. At that point, once they filed bankruptcy, to still think that Joe Giduice- to still be blinded by it, not be smart about protecting yourself and your kids is really stupid of her. It’s sad but I think it’s sad when any mother or father goes to jail. I don’t think just because she’s on TV and rich and has four girls that have designer clothes, I don’t think she should be exempt from it- from going. It’s too bad.”

McDonald wrapped up with stating that, “It’s just such a sick thing. She was really awful for so many years and so mean and all about the money and showing the wealth. The same thing with Apollo. It’s unbelievable.”

Make sure to check back later this week for our third part of our interview where we discuss McDonald’s stand up and her close friendship with Kris Jenner.


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