NeNe Leakes Phaedra HAS a Chocolate In Her Life!

NeNe Leakes Phaedra HAS a Chocolate In Her Life!

Say what?

Last night Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes appeared on Watch What Happens Live. This was after an explosive episode of Housewives aired in which Phaedra Parks’s currently incarcerated husband, Apollo Nida, fueled rumors that Parks was cheating on him with a man named “Mr. Chocolate.”

In addition to starting the rumors, Nida showed alleged screenshots of texts between Parks and Chocolate that he had.

So is there a “Chocolate” in Parks’s life?

On Watch What Happens LiveLeakes confirmed that there IS a “Chocolate”- but it’s not who you think!

“I like the name Chocolate, I do,” Leakes told host Andy Cohen.

I don’t know whether Phaedra’s having an affair with a man named Chocolate or not,” Leakes continued. “It was so strange that he was running around saying that stuff. I’ve been through a public break up before and it’s really sad when you’re going through and nobody’s really there supporting you and all these accusations are flying around.”

So who is “Chocolate?” Leakes explained that, “Phaedra does have a girlfriend named white chocolate that she is best friends with, that was a bridesmaid in her wedding– I do know white chocolate myself. That is a girlfriend of hers… that is nicknamed white chocolate. That’s real. That girl is currently pregnant and just recently Phaedra did a baby shower for her.”

Leakes wrapped up with revealing that, “She (Chocolate) used to be an exotic dancer. I’m not saying that’s who she was texting but… she does have a friend named Chocolate.

While Leakes can’t confirm this was who Parks was texting in the conversations Nida showed last night, it definitely sounds like it was a possibility.

Last night’s episode of the Housewives also showed footage from September where Nida attempted to evade beginning his prison sentence, but eventually turned himself in.

Tell us- what do you think about Chocolate and the text messages? Does what Leakes said change your opinion? Let us know in the comments!