Andi Dorfman

New Details on Bachelorette Breakup

Andi Dorfman

Back in January former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and her fiance from the show, Josh Murray, broke up seemingly out of no where. Now more details have emerged on what led to their split.

During a very emotional interview on the Chris Tells All special, which featured interviews with The Bachelor Chris Soules and many of the girls from the season, Andi opened up about her heartbreak to host Chris Harrison.

Andi shared how incredibly sad she is that the relationship didn’t work out. “I know this is the biggest failure of my life so far … It is, though, for me. I feel bad, I feel like I disappointed people. I feel bad that it didn’t work out.”

She continued, “Even though I’m sad and I sit here and cry, I am truly grateful. My life changed forever and I feel grateful to be a part of everything.”

So why did the two break up? Simply because they did not “better each other”. That sounds like a very logical reason. If she and Josh weren’t right for each other, it definitely was smart to get out before it was too late.

So tell us- How do you think Andi came off looking during the interview? What do you think of the reason that they broke up? Let us know!