Scott Disick Kardashian Threat!

Scott Disick Kardashian Threat!

What are we talking about?

According to a new report in OK! Magazine, Disick, who has reportedly separated from Kourtney Kardashian for goodis threatening to expose the Kardashians in a tell-all!

Scott wants revenge for all the crap he’s endured,” a source told the magazine.

“He feels like he was intentionally made to look like the bad guy to boost ratings,” the insider continued.

The source continued dishing that, “He’s told Kourtney that if she tries to take the kids and their money, he’ll let loose enough information to humiliate her and take down her entire family.”

What types of information will Disick expose? According to the insider, the information Disick would dish on includes the following:

Kourtney not being as nice as she seems. Specifically, the insider detailed how, “She’s not the sweet earth mother she present herself to be. She flies into vicious rages when he’s mad- and even throws things at the walls.” In addition, Disick will allegedly discuss how Kourtney smokes and drinks, which the insider claims makes her “a hypocrite.”

– Kylie had a pregnancy scare! According to the source, the 17-year-old Kardashian sibling had a pregnancy scare with current 25-year-old boyfriend, Tyga. The source detailed how she told Disick in confidence about this and asked him for advice.

Kendall a drug user? The insider explained how the 19-year-old sibling who is currently having a successful career modeling is a drug user. Specifically, they stated that, “Kendall’s hanging in the high-end modeling world now where cocaine and prescription pills are prevalent. Scott’s hear she’s dabbled in drugs. She’s not the all-American girl she wants to be known as.”

– Khloe‘s a binge eater? The source revealed that “Scott knows about her bingeing problems. She doesn’t want anyone to know about he food issues, but Scott hates how two-faced she is when it comes to her dieting and workout posts. He’s over feeling sorry for her.”

While we wouldn’t necessarily agree with a move to “out them,” we certainly would believe that Discik has a ton of information on the Kardashians. In addition, we would be interested in reading what secrets he had to reveal.

Tell us- would you be interested in what Disick would dish on the Kardashian Klan? Or, do you think it would be wrong of him to do this? Let us know in the comments!