Brandi Glanville Lisa Vanderpump Relationship Today?

Brandi Glanville Lisa Vanderpump Relationship Today?

Many fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wonder what the former BFF-turned-enemies relationship is like today. 

Vanderpump appeared on Watch What Happens Live tonight and detailed her current relationship with Glanville.

It hasn’t been easy,” Vanderpump told host Andy Cohen, but I think i tried to say to Kyle, I think I managed to detach myself from it.

Vanderpump continued, explaining that, “She was so kind of provocative always. I just felt like it was a safer place to me to detach myself from it… she says a lot of crap all the time. She said to Yolanda- likening Bella to her drinking- insinuating that baby Bella… who had a little screw up with her DUI thing, that people are saying she’s an alcoholic too. Absolutely not… I’m surprised Yolanda didn’t react to that. I would have thrown her out of the house.

On Glanville, Vanderpump also stated that, “I really did love Brandi. It was very hurtful. She says now ‘I really love her I want her back’ but that kind of train left the station.

Vanderpump has previously spoken out on Glanville, calling her “intimidating behavior” ugly and uncalled for.

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