Bruce Jenner New Book In The Works!


Bruce Jenner New Book In The Works!

What do we mean?

Although there have already been reports that Jenner is getting a spin off about his transition to womanhood as well as a potential second show about his family, a new report on Radar Online this morning claims that Jenner is also getting a book deal!

After his upcoming interview and show about his transition, a source tells Radar that, “There is a deal in place for a no-holds-barred book that Bruce will write himself.”

Will the book just be about his transition? No, according to the source, who claimed that, “It will cover his entire life, not just his transition and sex change.”

When can fans expect to see the book? Unfortunately, not for a while, as the source explained that, “It will definitely not be released until he is completely done with his transition, including his surgeries and hormone therapy.”

In addition, the insider wrapped with revealing that, “There is no set publisher yet because they want to see the reception to the Sawyer interview (the interview Jenner is allegedly going to have with Diane Sawyer about his transition) and the docu-series.”

We must say this is DEFINITELY a book we would be interested in reading.

Tell us- would you be interested in a Jenner tell all about his life? Would you read it? Let us know in the comments!