Jenelle Evans Baby Custody- Fighting Her Mom!

Jenelle Evans Baby Custody- Fighting Her Mom!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is preparing to fight her Mother Barbara for FULL custody of her first child, Jace, according to a new exclusive report on Radar Online.

Barbara told Jace that he can call her ‘Mom,’” a friend of Evans’s told Radar.

“And then Jenelle asked Jace if (it was true) and he said, ‘Yes.’ That made Jenelle furious,” the friend continued.

After hearing this, Evans reportedly went to confront her Mother. Her Mom said that Jace “can call me whatever he wants” and told Evans not to “brainwash him.”

According to the story, Barbara is worried about Evans’s fiance, Nathan Griffith, drinking around Jace. But the source revealed that Evans and Griffith “only drank one time since they’ve been back” as they are trying to avoid problems like this.

The source explained how Evans served her mother with court papers last week to fight for full custody, detailing that,”“Barbara didn’t take her seriously, but then when Barbara finally got served last week, she got mad.”

Aside from the drinking, the source claimed that “Barbara’s excuses keep changing. When Jenelle asked last week why she couldn’t see Jace, Barbara said, ‘Well, you’re taking me to court, aren’t you? Alright then, you aren’t seeing Jace’ — then she hung up on Jenelle.”

“She used to pick him up from school and he would sleep over, but that hasn’t happened in a over a month,” the source wrapped with stating. In addition, they informed Radar that Evans and her Mom are due in court next month to fight this out.

Although problems have been rumored between Evans and Griffith, we reported over the weekend that they are still together.

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