Teresa Giudice Prison Enemies?



Teresa Giudice Prison Enemies?

According to a new report in In Touch magazine, not everyone is loving the Real Housewife of New Jersey behind bars. 

A source told the magazine that, “She better be careful, because some people think she has a nasty attitude and acts like she doesn’t want to be bothered.”

A lot of inmates have even started calling her Princess Teresa because the workers cater to her,” the insider continued.

While we previously discussed how Giudice has her food trays brought to her rather than waiting in line for food like the rest of the inmates, which the source confirmed to In Touch, they also had more to add about her special privileges- Teresa has a team of stylists inside the prison!

The insider revealed that Giudice “gets her hair set with rollers by the Dominican (inmates)” and, after, “sits under a dryer.”

Apparently, Giudice is aware that not everyone love love loves her, though, as “she takes things like lotion in the shower with her now instead of leaving it on a chair outside, because she heard that thieves are taking people’s stuff,” the insider also told the magazine.

We personally think regardless of who a prisoner is, they will never get along with everyone; however, IF Giudice is being given special privileges, we could understand the resentment.

Tell us- what do you think about the report? Do you understand why inmates would be upset with Giudice if this is true or do you think they’re being unfair? Let us know in the comments!