Bobbi Kristina Problems She Had

Bobbi Kristina Problems She Had

Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, had many problems prior to ending up being discovered facedown in a bathtub. 

In a new US Weekly article, it explains how Bobbi Kristina had a hard childhood. Her Mom and Dad were both heavy users of drugs, sometimes not changing her diaper for days due to their drug use.

In addition, once Brown stopped doing drugs, Houston kept doing drugs which led to fighting. As Houston had discussed on an appearance on Oprah, things also got physical between the two.

A source commented that both Houston and Brown “passed on their addictions” to Bobbi Kristina.

A family source spoke to US Weekly to detail some of the other problems Bobbi Kristina faced. Specifically, the source explained how hard of a toll her Mother’s death took on her.

On the time after Houston died, the source explained that “Bobbi went off the rails.

She “blamed him (Bobby) for a lot of things because of what her mom said. They didn’t speak much,” the insider detailed.

What did she do with her Mom gone and with her relationship with her Dad fractured? “She wrapped herself up with Nick (Gordon),” the source revealed, adding that Bobbi Kristina skipped out on certain career opportunities to spend time with him.

This is all very sad, but the explanations provided make sense as to why Bobbi Kristina did not exactly have a fair shake at having a “normal” life from the beginning of her life.

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