Bruce Jenner Family Member Says He’ll Be Ugly Woman!

Bruce Jenner Family Member Says He’ll Be Ugly Woman!

A family member of Jenner’s has spoken to the press and is against his decision to transition to a woman.

Want details?

Sandra Day Kelly, a cousin of Jenner’s, spoke exclusively to Radar Online about Jenner’s transition and had some not so nice things to say about it.

He’s confused,” Kelly exclusively told Radar. “I don’t believe in people changing sex. I think you’re born what you are.

I think he’s going to be ugly as a woman. He’s a man!” his transphobic relative continued, adding that, “I wish he wouldn’t do it.

Kelly wrapped with telling Radar that, “If he does it, so be it. He’ll be my cousin regardless. He is my relative no matter what.

How… supportive. Not.

In our opinion, it’s sad to see Jenner’s extended family using his alleged upcoming transition as an opportunity to garner attention and press.

We much preferred seeing his Mother, Esther Jenner, interviewed, when she confirmed he was becoming a woman and that she was proud of her son for doing so.

While nothing about Jenner’s transition has been officially confirmed by him, we recently examined some photos that seem to definitely confirm this transition is happening.

Tell us- what do you think about the comments Jenner’s cousin made to Radar? Do you agree with us that his family is using his transition as an opportunity for press? Let us know in the comments!