Exclusive: Carla Ramona Karen- Why They All Left Mob Wives

Exclusive: Carla Ramona Karen- Why They All Left Mob Wives!

Last week on Mob Wives, we saw the return of Carla Facciolo. Prior to this episode, we had not seen Facciolo since season three of the show.

Also, before the start of this season, we had not seen former cast member Karen Gravano since season three.

Finally, we still have not seen former cast member Ramona Rizzo in any capacity.

What happened to make all three of them initially leave the show? Recently, we spoke to two insiders close to production who spilled the beans.

The non appearance in season four of Carla, Karen, and even Ramona all leads to Drita,” one source exclusively dished to us.

She was almost like an FBI informant playing everyone against each other, and making a back door deal to oust her cast mates,” the source continued.


What specifically went down? A second source explained that, “Drita convinced Karen, Ramona, and Carla to band together as other reality show casts have done in the past. She claimed that if they all threatened to quit, it would guarantee them a pay raise.” 

So what happened? “Drita went behind their back and made a separate deal for herself,” the insider revealed. “She left the other girls out to hang and, while they were not brought back, she was kept on the show.

The initial source compared what Drita did to The Godfather, stating that, “It is more like a scene from The Godfather. Drita’s roll as Salvator Tessio, who tried to set up Michael Carleone with Emillo Barzini and is discovered.”

The source wrapped with saying, “No matter what Drita is saying on social media, it is all trying to cover her image. Carla and her are NOT in a good place. Drita is definitely nervous that Carla will expose her, and that’s why she ran out of the room when Carla entered last week. She was truly caught off guard.”

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