Jim Marchese RHONJ Should Not Bring Teresa Back

Jim Marchese RHONJ- He Does NOT Think They Should Bring Teresa Back.

What specifically is Marchese claiming?

“I don’t have an issue with her working,” he told People.com. “She can work all she wants. I just don’t think it’s appropriate for her to be on this type of show any longer.”

Marchese explained how if Bravo wants to do a show about Giudice’s life after prison, “they can knock themselves out,” but “that’s a show to talk about what happened, her problems and how she’s dealing with them. That’s not the same thing as RHONJ. There’s a completely different theme to it.”

What is the theme of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, then? Marchese explained that it “is about over-the-top lifestyles and over-the-top drama. At this point she can’t partake in any of this. I just don’t think this is the type of show for her.”

And what if she does come back? Marchese stated that, “If she does come back to the show, she is going to be on probation. If there is any type of altercation, she will immediately go to jail. For example – she flips a table? She goes to jail because if she did that in a public place, that would be considered disorderly conduct in my opinion. She will be violating her parole.”

Her trademark table-flipping will no longer be a viable option,” he continued, adding that “Her fan base will be disappointed.

Marchese also explained how what Giudice did has hurt other cast members on the show. Specifically, eh detailed that, “When we started the show, Teresa wasn’t even indicted yet. We took the job with the belief that you would be able to grow businesses out of it. Because Teresa and her husband have been convicted, it has been very difficult for Amber to launch businesses because no one wants to be associated with the show.”

In addition, Marchese claimed that it “is very difficult to have any major endorsements at this point because of Teresa. Point blank, they tell us, ‘We don’t want to be associated with felons.’ That’s the first thing they think of. I get it. It taints the show.”

Giudice’s lawyer did end up responding to Marchese’s claims by saying, “With all due respect to Mr. Marchese, cast decisions should be left to the professionals at Bravo and Sirius Media.”

This is not the first Marchese has spoken of Giudice in the past few weeks. Recently, he went on record to state that criminal Giudice should be dumped from the show.

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