Brandi Glanville Housewives of Beverly Hills- Is she done?

Brandi Glanville Housewives of Beverly Hills- Is she done?

Could Glanville be done with the show? According to The Wendy Williams Show yesterday, Glanville is claiming she wants to leave the show. What did Williams have to say about this?

On Glanville threatening to leave, Williams said, “That’s what NeNe always says. That’s how I guess you keep them so they want to give you more money and stuff like that. I guess Brandi is trying to go that route.

Williams continued, stating that, “Brandi, the problem is, try as I might- I don’t understand how you pay your bills. Now I know you have your pod- excuse me, but in real life, who leaves a job without figuring out how they’re gonna pay their bills? I know she has a podcast and that’s very interesting. I know that you are a NY Times best selling author and that’s interesting. I understand that your website is very, very popular because you put the Housewives on it. But do you realize that the foundation of everything that you are career-wise and everything that people know abbot you is a Housewife of Beverly Hills?

Williams still had more to say, lamenting that, “Without the show, nobody’s buying the books, nobody’s podding and casting, and nobody’s gonna go to your website. And your boys, your boys will be going to college in a few years, and it’s very important that you keep a job. I would say, okay, you’re getting some juicy spousal support from Eddie Cibrian… Look, the problem is, Eddie is probably paying her what he can afford.”

Eddie, as gorgeous as you, are, you haven’t’ worked in a very long time,” Williams stated. “Those acting roles have dried up. And LeAnn has her millions, but she holds the purse strings to that. She’s not responsible for Brandi and Brandi’s kids. Also, that Leann and Eddie reality show they had… got cancelled.”

Next, Williams addressed who Glanville would want to replace her. “So, but Brandi has a replacement she put out there- she wants to perhaps leave the show herself and she wants LeAnn Rimes to replace her.

“You be careful now,” Williams warned Glanville, “because LeAnn didn’t work for her own show. But I can tell you what will work, Brandi, is LeAnn and Bravo… Here’s the thing, I think that Beverly Hills should keep Brandi,give her a few more coins, hire LeAnn- Eddie, you shouldn’t be on it… You stay off of it and let the girls fight with each other.”

Glanville likely may want to leave the series for all of the heat she’s been taking this season. She recently had to defend herself against claims she’s an alcoholic, explaining that she is not.

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