Bruce Jenner Car Accident- He May Go To Jail!

Bruce Jenner Car Accident- He May Go To Jail!

What do we mean?

According to a new report in In Touch Weekly, the major car accident Jenner was involved in and caused a few weeks ago may result in him getting some time behind bars. 

A source who spoke to the magazine explained that, “Grief doesn’t even touch it. He is devastated, and in so much fear that he can barely talk. He knows there is a very real chance that he could go to jail.

A criminal defense attorney revealed to the magazine that, “if Bruce made an unsafe lane change, was following too closely or speeding, that could constitute manslaughter.”

The magazine also spoke with the director of the Collision Safety Institute who claimed that, “Bruce should have been driving carefully and left enough room to stop, which he does not appear to have done. He is as much to blame for this accident as the woman who was killed. That woman’s family could file civil charges against Bruce.

Due to this, a family source revealed that, “Everyone is worried about his mental state. He is so depressed and in pain. His family is keeping a very close eye on him.”

In addition to their other sources, In Touch also spoke to a friend who stated that, “He’s an emotional mess right now- and the hormones he’s taking only exacerbate his sadness. If he ends up going to jail for this accident, it won’t kill Bruce, but it will come close. He’s so strong and has survived so much. But that means nothing if he goes to prison.”

Jenner recently released a statement on the car accident in which he claimed he is “praying for the family” of the victim.

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