Exclusive: Tamra Judge Grandma- Says ‘We’re On Cloud 9’

 Tamra Judge Grandma- Says ‘We’re On Cloud 9’

After months of waiting, Real Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge is FINALLY a Grandma!

We had spoken to Judge before about how her granddaughter could call her whatever she wants, and now we have exclusively caught up with Judge now that her granddaughter has arrived.

“My son has not stopped smiling since Ava was born,” Judge tells us. “He had no idea the amount of emotions and love he was going to feel until she was born.  Seeing Ryan cry while holding his first born is a vision I will never let go of.”

Judge explained that, “I was not in the room when Ava was born,” as her daughter-in-law Sarah “had a c-section and only one person was allowed in.”

“Sarah had such a rocky pregnancy that seemed to last forever. At 6 months pregnant she was told that Ava had a condition called pelvic kidney.” Judge continued.

There was even a complication upon Ava being born, as Judge revealed that, “Ava was born with only 1 functioning kidney.  The doctors had detected it in a sonogram before she was born, and they confirmed at 1 day old. This is not something you want to hear as a new parent.”

“Everyone told me that being a grandmother is the best feeling in the world and they weren’t lying,” Judge exclaimed. “Everyone is extremely happy.”

In addition to becoming a Grandma to baby Ava, Judge explained that, “I also became an ‘instagrammy’ to Sarah’s 3 daughters Ella, Emily and Brooklyn .  My heart is full of so much love and I feel so blessed to have these girls in my life.  My whole family is on cloud 9. My daughter Sophia loves calling them all ‘my nieces.'”

We also asked Judge how it feels to be a Grandma and look hotter than most Mothers, let alone Grandmothers!

Judge responded, “Thanks you’re very sweet. I think there is a whole new generation of Glamma’s. Women over 40’s are really taking care of themselves these days. I workout hard and eat well to stay healthy. If the benefit of that is being a Hot Granny …I’ll take it!”

Judge wrapped up with gushing about Ava, telling us, “She is the most alert and happy baby I’ve ever seen in my life. She is laughing and smiling at a week old.  I might be biased but I think she’s a genius!”

We are over the moon happy for Judge and her family, especially since Sarah’s pregnancy was not the easiest as Judge described.

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