Gays Donate Blood? Just Be Celibate For A Year!

Gays Donate Blood? Just Be Celibate For A Year!

What are we talking about?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently released new regulations for gay men who want to donate blood.

According to the new regulations, gay men may now donate blood IF they are celibate for a year.

This is so wrong on SO many levels, and here are just a few reasons why:

– Straight people may have sex with as many partners as they wish throughout a 1 year period, and are free to give blood, but their gay counterparts are not? How is this possibly equivalent?

– HIV/Aids is NOT a gay issue, it’s a PEOPLE issue. To isolate gays as the only people POSSIBLE to have Aids is ridiculous and, in a modern day, homophobic.

– While there are messed up people in the world, one would think that if someone had HIV/Aids they would be smart enough to make the choice to NOT donate blood.

– Why are straight people not being asked to abstain from sex if they donate blood? Is it to say the FDA feels straight people are “cleaner” and less likely to have a disease in their blood? It simply is bigotry.

We like the idea Broadway actor Alan Cumming is supporting, which is currently featured on That is, EVERYONE- regardless of sexual orientation- should be screened to ensure their blood is “clean” and capable of being donated. 

Here is a video where he supports the idea below:

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