Karen Gravano Drita D’avanzo Physical Fight At Reunion?

Karen Gravano Drita D’avanzo Physical Fight At Reunion?

Yesterday, the Mob Wives reunion for the current season taped.

Immediately after taping, a rumor surfaced that stars Gravano and D’avanzo got into a physical altercation.

Did this actually happen?

On Instagram, an alleged makeup artist on the set posted the following image, which reads: “Have to be discreet but I just did makeup on set for vh1 mob wives and it was insane. Karen beat the crap out of drita surprisingly. She kind of caught drita off guard because drita was arguing with natalie d. And Karen charged her from the side and snuff her a good 3 times in the face and drita chair fell backwards and by time she got up security broke it up so she didn’t get to defend herself. Backstage natalie g. Bum rushed Natalie d and pushed her down the stairs to the dressing room and started kicking the crap out of her while she was on the floor and went insane. Everyone was going crazy! The only calm people were big ang and Renee but everyone had it out for drita and natalie g. This reunion is insane.”


This morning, star Renee Graziano took to Twitter and said, “no its not a rumor its a stone cold LIE!! Karen and Drita did NOT have a physical fight.”



Interesting to note is that Graziano did not comment on the alleged fight between Natalie Guercio and Nat D.

Yesterday, we exclusively reported that Drita was the cause of Karen, Carla Facciolo, and Ramona Rizzo not being on the last season. You can read that here.

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