Teresa Joe Prison Private Investigator Hired?

Teresa Joe Prison Private Investigator Hired?

According to a new report on OK! Magazine‘s website, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has hired a private investigator to watch over Joe Giudice while she’s away in jail!

Mark Behar, a personal protection specialist, told the magazine that, “She had a cousin call me. Teresa senses things are not right, and she wants to make sure the kids are OK.”

While she may want to have the private investigator ensure her children are okay, Giudice is also likely having him check into making sure Juicy Joe is being faithful while she’s away, as this has been questioned before.

A source told the magazine that, “She knows that Joe is a cheater. Especially now that she’s in jail – I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a VIP at every strip club in Jersey.”

So what has Giudice asked Behar to do? Behar explained that Teresa has asked for “as many pictures as possible” of Joe that he can take.

While Behar claimed Teresa hasn’t specifically mentioned divorce, he told OK! that,”this is what people do. From what I gather, Joe wants out. But he’s trying to save face in the media, because (he) can’t be seen as a horrible father.”

In terms of her daughters, Behar claimed Teresa specifically wants to know “how they look,” “if they’re eating,” and if they’re “following their schedules.” 

OK! did speak to Teresa’s rep who denied she has hired a private investigator, but Behar has not retracted his story.

Divorce rumors have been swirling recently while Teresa is away, with one report claiming Teresa has begun divorce proceedings from behind bars, and a report late last year claiming Joe was planning to divorce Teresa.

Tell us- what do YOU think about the report that Teresa hired a private investigator? Do you believe it? And, if she did, is it the right thing to do? Let us know in the comments.