Bruce Jenner Show On Hold For Now?

Bruce Jenner Show On Hold For Now?

Many have been following the news revolving around Jenner the last few weeks. One of the main stories has been that he will be getting a show about his transitioning to a woman.

Another story has been about a car accident he caused approximately two weeks ago that ended up killing someone.

Now it seems the two stories are colliding, as a new report claims that Jenner’s new show may be on hold due to his involvement in the accident.

Want details?

A source recently spoke to Radar Online and explained that, “There is no timetable for when Bruce will resume filming the docuseries.”

“Obviously, it’s not the priority right now, given the severity of the situation that Bruce is facing,” the source continued. “From a public relations standpoint, it would also be in very poor taste to be filming a reality show after Bruce was involved in the crash.”

The source explained that, “At this point, no one from the production company is pressuring Bruce to film. Everyone understands what is going on with him.”

The insider wrapped with telling Radar that, “Everything in Bruce’s life is on hold right now, and it will likely remain that way until the police investigation is completed.”

Tell us- Do you think Jenner is making the right move to put his reality show on hold right now? Or, would this be a good time to keep filming it due to what he’s going through? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.