Bruce Jenner Woman- Hosted an 80s Party Dressed As One?

Bruce Jenner Woman- Hosted an 80s Party Dressed As One?

What do we mean?

An ex-track coach of Jenner’s attended a party he hosted with then-wife Linda Thompson in the 80’s. He recently spoke to In Touch Magazine about what went down at this party.

When the track coach arrived, he described how he didn’t initially see Jenner present at the party.

I saw Linda, but I didn’t see Bruce,” the track coach told In Touch.

“But after a while, I struck up a conversation with a good-looking woman in a tight dress and high heels,” he continued. “Then it dawned on me: The woman was actually Bruce dressed up in women’s clothes.

Bruce was into women [sexually], but I was told he also liked to raid Linda’s closet and wear her outfits,” the track coach explained.

Another insider spoke to the magazine, revealing that, “He tended to dress and undress out of sight from the other male athletes. He feels good dressed up as a woman in public — it’s a great release for him.”

This insider wrapped with stating that, “drag isn’t enough anymore: soon he’ll be living fully as a woman,” adding that, “It’s a difficult move, but one that’s been in the works for a long time.”

Jenner’s mother recently spoke to press and confirmed the news that Jenner is definitely transitioning to a woman.

Tell us- what do you think about this track coach’s flashback story? Why do you think this was kept quiet for so long? Let us know in the comments.