Jenelle Evans Baby- Mom Says NO Seeing Him Until Court!

Jenelle Evans Baby- Mom Says NO Seeing Him Until Court!

We recently reported how Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is suing her Mom, Barbara, for full custody of Jenelle’s first son, Jace

Now, in a true case of history repeats itself, a friend of Jenelle’s spoke to Radar Online to explain how Jenelle had a phone call on February 20th with her Mother that did NOT go well.

Jenelle asked her mom if she could simply take Jace to the movies,” her friend told Radar.

Would her Mom allow her to do that? Nope! The friend explained that, “Barbara said no, that they had plans.”

While Barbara hadn’t been allowing Jenelle to have her son for sleepovers, the friend explained how Jenelle did not think a few hours with her son would be an issue.

Specifically, her friend said, “Jenelle told her mom, ‘It’s not to sleep over — it’s just to go see a movie.’ She (Barbara) insisted they had plans and said it was too bad.”

When did Barbara say Jenelle could see her son? According to the friend, “Barbara then said they could make visitation whenever they go to court.”

The friend wrapped with explaining that, “It made Jenelle pissed. But she kept calm and said ‘okay’ and then hung up on Barbara.”

Jenelle and her Mom will make their court appearance in March.

We will keep you posted as details continue to emerge.