John Mayer Lady Gaga Is A REAL Artist- Here’s Why!

John Mayer Lady Gaga Is A REAL Artist- Here’s Why!

A few years ago, Lady Gaga was at the top of her game with the release of her EP, The Fame Monster. That EP, along with her prior debut album, The Fame, shot her to international stardom.

Since those two releases, Gaga has not been as popular as she was. With her last release, 2013’s Artpop, Gaga was certain she had a hit on her hands; however, it did not perform the way she anticipated.

Singer John Mayer took to his Twitter to comment on Lady Gaga, Artpop, and why she is a true artist.

Mayer explained via Twitter, “I know this is going to sound like I’m trying to stir up media, but I have huge respect for Lady Gaga and I wanna tell you why.”

He continued, stating that, “She released a record that didn’t get the love she was probably hoping for, which happens to REAL artists. And she’s stood by it.”

He continued, tweeting, “There is no desperate attempt to be as successful as before by any means necessary, no Artpop 2.0 with cynically produced hits.

I respect artists who release music they believe in and with a slow steady pulse while doing it, live or die. So yah. fin. Carry on Gaga. I can dig it. Everyone else should, too,” Mayer wrapped with.

Lady Gaga, who recently got engaged, responded to Mayer’s accolades, tweeting, “That was really cool @JohnMayer So thoughtful. The respect is mutual.”

We have to say, in a world where there is so much drama, it is GREAT to see two artists respecting and complimenting each other.

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