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Why Did Whitney Tell Chris Soules She Loves Him on The Bachelor?


Chris & WhitneyOn the last episode of The Bachelor, while during the hometown visits, Whitney Bischoff told Chris Soules that she loved him. Was she sincere, though?

Earlier in the episode, Chris met Whitney’s family, but her older sister Kimberly refused to give permission for a proposal to happen at the end of the Bachelor season.┬áIt was after that that Whitney told Chris that she loved him, though her sincerity has been brought into question.

According to the show’s host, Chris Harrison, she might not have truly in love with Chris.

He told that “Whitney, I think, might’ve said it out of fear. I think she loves him, but I was worried she said it because she was worried about the damage her sister had done. She said in that interview, ‘I feel like now I need to tell him because of that,’ and maybe she’s not lying by any means, but her hand felt forced into going ahead and admitting it.”

Just the week before Whitney was a part of drama with some of the other ladies vying for Chris’ heart.

What do you think? Is Whitney’s love sincere or was she playing a game with Chris’ heart? Let us know!

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7 eastern on ABC.