Emotional Bachelor Bali Meltdown

Emotional Bachelor Bali Meltdown

Emotional Bachelor Bali MeltdownAlthough there are only three girls left trying with win the heart of Chris Soules on The Bachelor, there is no shortage of drama. This week the hit show will feature a huge meltdown in Bali!

Want details?

As we reported yesterday, the trip to Bali is going to be pivotal for the girls and Chris. It seems that the episode is going to be centered around confusion and emotion.

Chris still hasn’t decided if he wants to be with Kaitlyn, Becca, or Whitney. A source told In Touch that, “he thought his feelings would be clear by this point, but they weren’t. He was so confused.”

Of course Whitney telling Chris that she loves him will be a part of Chris’ confusion.

This all led to high emotions as Chris “broke down and started crying.”

The rose ceremony is going to be dramatic as well. In Touch reports that “When the women were alone with him, they thought he was in love- but as soon as they were together as a group, they remembered it was anyone’s to win. They all shed tears at one point.

And who should we expect to be sent home from Bali? In one word: blindside. “One minute, he was madly in love with her and the next, she was going home,” the magazine reports.

We can’t wait for the episode and to see the dates, drama, and surroundings in beautiful Bali.

Let us know- are you excited for The Bachelor? Who do you think Chris should send hime: Whitney, Becca, or Kaitlyn? Tell us!