Bruce Jenner Sister Speaks On Transition!


Bruce Jenner Sister Speaks On Transition!

While Bruce Jenner‘s Mother has already confirmed his transition to womanhood, his sister has not commented to the press- until yesterday!

Pam Mettler, Jenner’s older sister who is 66, spoke to The Daily Mail about Jenner and his transition.

In her conversation with The Daily Mail, Mettler referred to Jenner as her “best friend” and claimed she “fully supports” him.

Specifically, she stated, “This is Bruce’s story he will talk about it when he is ready…Bruce and I talk all the time. We are all very close. Bruce often comes to visit me here, we are best friends. We fully support him.”

Mettler also commented on Jenner’s recent car crash he caused that left one person dead. She claimed, “I am very much in contact with Bruce and his people over this. We will see what happens with the crash, people are saying a lot of different things. I have no idea what actually happened.”

In addition to his sister supporting his transition, his Mother has also gone on record to say she is proud of her son.

We think it’s great to see Jenner’s family being so supportive.

Tell us- what do you think? Would you feel the way Jenner’s family feels if your family member was going through this? Let us know in the comments.