Chris Soules Joining Dancing with the Stars?

Could Chris Soules Still Join Dancing with the Stars?

Chris Soules Joining Dancing with the Stars?

Earlier today we shared the cast of the twentieth season of Dancing with the Stars, but surprisingly only eleven of the twelve dancers were announced. Could the twelfth dancer be the Bachelor  Chris Soules?

Back in January, we shared that Chris said he would do the dancing show if it would be a good move for him, but his name was noticeably absent from this morning’s announcement.

One final male contestant is going to still be announced, though and on Good Morning America this morning, Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron all but confirmed Chris Soules’ participation in the show.

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Witney Carson, who will be paired with the mystery dancing male, said, “I can’t say much. I’m not allowed to. I can tell you that you guys need to be super excited because he’s ready to bring it.”

It was at that point that Tom Bergeron let slip a sly hint. “That’s right, her partner couldn’t rose — I mean, rise — so early to be here.

Although it’s not a full confirmation, I think it’s pretty safe to bet that Chris will be putting on his dancing shoes after he hands out his final rose.

Tell us- will you watch Chris if he’s on Dancing with the Stars? Out of the already announced cast, who do you want to win? Let us know!