Heather McDonald TLC Star Talks The Oscars!

Heather McDonald TLC Talks The Oscars!

We recently got the opportunity to speak to former Chelsea Lately and current All About Sex star Heather McDonald. We chatted everything from her new show to the Real Housewives.

In this third part, we chat about the “super fun” wedding of Lance Bass that she attended and her thoughts on the Oscars.

While we saw Bass’s wedding on television, in the E! special Lance Loves Michael, we asked McDonald what it was like to be a guest there and if there was anything we didn’t see.

It was really fun,” she told us. “You did not even feel like you were at a show. You felt like you were at a wedding that had a videographer. It wasn’t invasive. It was really fun. It was really special.”

“I loved the way they did it,” she continued. “His (Bass’s) parents brought him down and Michael’s parents brought him up. I love that they had this Mother-son dance that they didn’t show that much of. That was really sweet. They both danced with their Moms and then the Moms switched sons. It was really lovely. Both the Moms are very attractive and smart and pretty. It was nice. I was like, ‘You both cast the perfect leading mothers.’ It was really fun. A really super fun wedding. Really nice.”

We then switched the conversation to discuss the Oscar Awards. We asked McDonald what she thought of host Neil Patrick Harris. She told us, “I was buzzed and I was at The Abbey. I was under the impression he did a great job. I thought the song was great. I can imagine Jimmy Fallon doing it. He could be great because he can sing and dance and be funny. I still feel like Billy Crystal did it the best because of that. He sings, he was witty, and he can dance, and the thing that everyone loved about Billy Crystal, was that people knew he was going to do the film parodies of the movies he inserted himself in. It was such a great opening. He did that for several years. It’s a lot of work and it takes a lot of effort. It’s a lot of comedy writers to make it perfect, but it really is a great way to do it. Neil Patrick Harris was like, ‘celebrate all movies! ET! Star Wars!’ It’s like, what Billy… would do was put himself in the scene… I would focus on doing that Billy Crystal bit.”

McDonald continued, elaborating on why she did not think the Oscars did as well, explaining that, “I really think the reason that the Oscars didn’t do as well was because the only movie that anyone in middle America saw was American Sniper and they felt it was snubbed because they didn’t nominate Clint Eastwood. Of the 10% that didn’t watch this year that watched last year, I think that was the only reason. I don’t think it’s because people are against Neil Patrick Harris or anything. I just think they don’t have a large enough interest in the movies. There was really none that the average American would have seen. They were even difficult to go find.”

Speaking of movies not a lot of people saw, what did McDonald think of Birdman? She told us, “Birdman was an exhausting movie to watch. It was good. Good acting, good writing, all of that. But it wasn’t a pleasurable experience. You’ll see it and you’ll see he (Michael Keaton) is amazing. Everybody’s great in it. It is directed differently, which is one of the reasons I think they won, too. It’s not for the average person at all.”

McDonald also spoke to us about Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music medley performance, and she did not hold back. She stated, “Ever since she got the nose job, I’ve loved her more. I’m sorry. Call me vain. She got the nose job. She doesn’t have to hide behind ugly, weird costumes anymore. She has the confidence of a nose job which no one will admit to, but clearly, she did. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. I think good for her. She’s wearing normal dresses… Be a pretty girl and sing. You don’t have to throw meat on your body. You don’t have to come out of an egg anymore. Just be the great artist that you are. Just be the great entertainer that you are. You don’t need all of that.”

We also couldn’t resist asking about Patrica Arquette’s speech, which is garnering lots of attention due to her asking gay men and African-Americans to help stand up for women to gain equal wages. McDonald told us, “Her speech was definitely one of the most memorable. Not memorable is that horrible bun. I don’t know what the hell happened in her hair. You do not do a messy bun when you’re 48 years old. You do a messy bun when you’re 24. It’s the Oscars. You’re gonna win. She should have had a ‘do that would have lasted for 8 hours. That part of it wasn’t great. I thought it was an important thing to bring up, because it is a fact in certain jobs that women are not making the same as men, which really is awful. I thought it was a good speech.”

“If you’re a gay woman and if you’re a gay Black woman, then, you know, you have three things to fight for,” she continued. “It’s true. That’s one of the main things that happened in women’s rights the first time. The women were not banned together. It became very socio-economic and it became about the women who worked as executives. They were just focused on themselves as white women and they were not trying to empower women of all races. It was more separated. I think she’s trying to go from that angle and say- there is a population that isn’t completely getting the rights they deserve. We’re not a minority, yet, we’re still not getting in 2015 what we should be getting. We’re still being discriminated against. Everybody needs to stand behind that.”

Finally, we asked McDonald if there was any fashion sense that stood out for her. She told us, “Scarlett Johansson’s body was banging, but I did not like the green jewel piece around her neck. I do think the girl from Gone Girl looked amazing. I loved her dress. Julianne Moore looked beautiful, but she should have worn green. Julianne Moore should have worn green. That is really her color. Red heads with green eyes should always wear emerald green when they win an Oscar. The creamy white sequence was pretty, but with the freckly arms, I don’t think it was that great. She could have done better. I think she could have worn a sparkly jewel tone. More dazzling. J Lo can do no wrong. I love her all glowy and tan. I like that Jennifer Anniston was glowing and tan and wearing a curvy dress. That looks good on her.”

True to her comedic form, McDonald wrapped up with lamenting on John Travolta, claiming that, “John Travolta looked so weird. He looked like he came from the wax museum. He was so weird! I don’t know if he was trying to prove he was heterosexual or what. He was really creepy, really weird. Awful outfit. Just the worst fake hair I’ve ever seen in my life. Just the frozen face with the weird hair. I swear I thought he was a robot. Awful. Really weird.

When talking to McDonald she always keeps us laughing! Check back tomorrow for the fourth and final part of our conversation, where we talk about her thoughts on the Giuliana Rancic/Zendaya situation, her thoughts on the Dancing With The Star cast, what she thinks Joe Giudice should do if he’s broke, and on McDonald’s career. 

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