Joe Giudice Job Woes- Worried Over Money!

Joe Giudice Job Woes- Worried Over Money!

With Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice away in prison, husband Joe Giudice is starting to worry over finances, according to a source who spoke to Radar Online.

“Joe is getting desperate,” the source told them. “He doesn’t have any money coming in and he doesn’t know how he is going to get any money.”

The source continued, “Without Teresa’s show money they’re not generating any income. Everything was all smoke and mirrors.”

In addition to Teresa’s absence being felt financially, the Giudice’s are also reportedly having trouble selling their home, as the source detailed, “Teresa and Joe have been counting on selling the place and getting money that way, but they haven’t had any buyers. They’re really worried that it could go into foreclosure.

The source wrapped with saying, “Joe knows that he has to start making money, and not on a small level, but a big level. He has a family to support and he has basically hit a brick wall with ideas. Things are really bad for the family right now.”​

Once Teresa gets out, things will likely get easier for the family, as she plans to get rich again.

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