Giuliana Rancic Zendaya Comment To Get Her Fired?

Giuliana Rancic Zendaya Comment To Get Her Fired?

On Monday’s Fashion Police, panelist Giuliana Rancic commented on actress/singer Zendaya’s hair at the Oscars. 

Specifically, Rancic commented that Zendaya’s dreadlocks likely smelled like “patchouli” or “weed.”

This stirred up quite the controversy, with Zendaya taking to social media to issue a lengthy response in which she called Rancic’s comments outrageously offensive.

Yesterday, panelist Kelly Osbourne ended up getting involved in the drama as well. Osbourne, who claims to be friends with Zendaya, took to social media to threaten to quit the show due to what went down.

Now, a new report on Radar Online is claiming that the Fashion Police hosts want Rancic fired from the show- and the network! 

An insider at E! who spoke to Radar told them, “The entire cast of Fashion Police is done with Giuliana and they are hoping that she will be not only kicked off the show, but also off of the network.”

The network does not condone racism in any way, shape or form and they know that their reputation is now at stake,” they continued.

The source wrapped with saying that, “The staff at E! is comprised of many different races and everyone is pisssed off. Giuliana cannot take her words back, regardless of what she tweets or how many times and ways she says she is sorry.”

Tell us- do YOU think Rancic should be fired because of her what she said about Zendaya? Or, was she just trying to be funny and it came out wrong? Let us know in the comments.