Chris Soules Bachelor Had A Tough Time Picking Winner!

Chris Soules Bachelor Had A Tough Time Picking Winner!

A new article in US Weekly details how Bachelor Chris Soules had a tough time deciding between the two finalists, Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley.

A source told the magazine that Soules’s decision “really came down to a feeling.” One girl apparently “just didn’t feel it.”

“He genuinely fell in love with both women,” the source continued. “In terms of the Bachelor not being sure how to pick, they were probably the closest EVER, but the runner-up wasn’t as into him, so he didn’t choose her.”

Why did he have a tough time deciding? The insider continued dishing, stating that, “They appealed to different sides of him.” 

While both women had signs that they may not have been 100% correct for him, it is clear that Soules definitely had trouble picking between his bride to be.

Another source added that, “Chris was very conflicted toward the end. He struggled with his feelings a lot.

However, now that the finale- which airs next week- has been taped, the source insists that “Chris is very happy.”

We definitely can’t wait to see who Soules, who may appear next on Dancing With The Stars, picks as his final choice.

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