Kim and Kanye Marriage To End In Divorce?

Kim and Kanye Marriage To End In Divorce?

A new report in In Touch Magazine is claiming that Keeping Up With The Kardashians may not be the only thing that Kim Kardashian is done with and ready to quit. The new report details that Karadashian is prepared to file for divorce from Kanye West!

A source told In Touch that on February 17th, Kardashian sent a “trusted representative” to hire a divorce attorney in LA!

Specifically, the source stated, “Though no money has changed hands, it’s clear the attorney has a deal to represent Kim.

Another source close to Kardashian added that, “Kim wants to cut her ties with Kanye as quickly as possible.” This insider explained that Kardashian is planning a way to get out of her marriage to West and retain most of their $200,000,000 they have in combined assets.

The source added that, “The ridiculous clothes he makes her wear and his embarrassing actions have become too much. Instead of enhancing her reputation, she feels he’s turning her into a laughingstock.

What other reasons could Kardashian have for leaving West? The insider close to Kardashian  explained that, “She doesn’t have proof that he’s cheating” but “has spies everywhere.”

On this front, they added that, “Kanye keeps so many aspects of his business and personal life off-limits– like the calls he insists he has to take privately- that Kim think she’s hiding something. She also feels their sex life isn’t what it used to be, which in her book speaks volumes.”

In addition, the source said, “Kim was horrified at cutting her hair again, but he pretty much forced her to. She doesn’t have a say in what she wears, her schedule, her daughter and where she lives.”

Also, Kardashian is reportedly sick and tired of having to take their daughter all over the world because Kanye says so. The insider talked about this, revealing that, “She’s grown sick and tired of always having to follow him around like a puppy dog. Kim has cried many nights missing the life she had. She feels nothing she does for Kanye is ever appreciated. She wants to feel loved and adored and to be the center of attention, but with Kanye, that will never happen because his world comes first.”

While this seems like a ton of problems between there pair, there’s still more! According to the insider, Kardashian and West don’t even live together full time, as Kardashian spends most of her time in Mom Kris Jenner‘s home, while West spends a lot of time in a Beverly Hills bachelor pad.

On this front, the source detailed that, “Kim’s afraid people will figure her marriage is a sham, so she wants to be the one to pull the plug and take back some control.

When Kardashian goes forward with the divorce, she’s apparently not going to go easy on West. Check back tomorrow for details on how hard she plans to fight- and what she plans to fight for.

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