Chris Soules Joining Dancing with the Stars?

Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Discusses Tough Final Decision

bachelor chris soules rosePrior to the Bachelor  Chris Soules giving out his final rose on Monday, the show’s host, Chris Harrison, has discussed the final decision.

Soules has narrowed his choice down to two remaining bachelorettes. One is Whitney Bischoff who works as a fertility nurse in Chicago. The other is Becca Tilley who is a chiropractic assistant.

One of the controversial moments of the season was the debate about whether or not Whitney professing her love Chris was sincere.

But now this week brings the final episode of The Bachelor and Chris’ final, tough choice. “I don’t think there is a perfect choice or an easy choice, and he’s clearly in love with both so it’s an emotional one for sure,” Harrison told

The show’s host wrote in his Bachelor blog on Yahoo that, “Chris has narrowed it down to two great, but very different women.”

We recently shared news about how conflicted Chris was in the final moments of the finale.

The Bachelor finale will air as a three hour event this Monday, March 9 starting at 8pm on ABC.

Tell us- who do you want to win Chris’ heart and the final rose? Do you agree that this is a tough decision? Let us know!