Teresa Giudice Book- What She’s Writing In Prison!

Teresa Giudice Book- What She’s Writing In Prison!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has been keeping busy in prison signing autographs and dealing with the sub-par makeup.

Now, a new report in In Touch Weekly details how Giudice is keeping a diary- and what she’s writing about!

The article described that Giudice’s husband, Joe, sent her a package with two notebooks- one light pink and one blue.

She uses the pink one as her diary and writes in it every night,” a source told the magazine, adding that, “All the other inmates want to know who and what she’s writing about.

What is she writing about? According to the magazine, the topics of her diary include:

– details on what she does while in jail 

– information about what she thinks about her fellow inmates

– information regarding her fear that Joe is cheating

– detailed information about how guilty she feels for leaving four young children at home while she’s away in the slammer

She must be really pouring her heart and soul into the diary, as a source stated that, “When she’s writing it, she’s in her own little world. She’s even broken down while journaling. Prison is tearing her apart.”

What do you think about Giudice writing while she’s in prison? Is this something you would want to read if she does end up marketing it in a book? Let us know in the comments.