Chris Soules Dancing With The Stars Ruining Relationship?

Chris Soules Dancing With The Stars Ruining Relationship?

The cast for Dancing With The Stars was recently announced. While star of The Bachelor, Chris Soules, wasn’t on the initial list, there were rumors he may be joining the show still. It has since been confirmed that Soules will be the “mystery contestant” on the show.

Tonight is the night of The Bachelor finale where Soules will pick his final choice. All may not be right in paradise, though, as a new report in In Touch details that Soules’s decision to go on the show could be ruining his new relationship. 

A source told In Touch that, “It’s the ultimate betrayal. Not only does the winner have to start a new life, but she has to watch her fiancé go straight into the arms of another woman.” 

Dancing With The Stars insider explained that, “He’s really nervous. He’s scared he’s going to make (the winner) jealous.”

In addition, the source said that Soules is “hoping that being on the show doesn’t wear on his relationship.”

The source also detailed that “Chris is totally going to get sucked into the show because he’s so competitive.”

“Unless their love is solid, they may end up just another failed Bachelor couple.

Tell us- do you think Soules’s role on Dancing With The Stars will strain his new relationship? Let us know in the comments and make sure to tune into The Bachelor’s finale tonight!